[INFOGRAPHIC] Uncertainty around shipment visibility advantages

Tive Team
Tive Team

Numerous technology providers allow users to track specific facets of shipment data. Though there is an inherent risk with low-visibility supply chain operations, about half of companies still report that their supply chain visibility relies on siloed or outdated internal data that affects their ability to identify and address problems and disruptions.

A need for better supply chain resiliency has surfaced as the primary lesson learned from 2020. As a result, 87% of
supply chain professionals plan to invest in solutions and technologies that will improve supply chain resiliency over
the next two years.

“Companies that were resilient and outperformed their peers during the pandemic were also those that were the most agile,” said David Shillingford, CEO of Everstream Analytics, a provider of supply chain risk-planning solutions and partner in the Tive Open Visibility Network (OVN). “But agility is relative. It’s about being faster to react than you otherwise could. That’s important when the Suez Canal is blocked, or borders close due to a pandemic, or any time when capacity is strained. Agility starts with knowing what might happen or what has happened as quickly as possible, and that’s visibility..”

The possibility of 100% visibility is more likely now than it has ever been. Between the various visibility solutions, shipment data is available from virtually every point of transit. If in-transit visibility technology providers, logistics providers and shippers instead collaborate to share historical and real-time data across platforms, it’s possible to achieve 100% visibility across many shipments, lanes and modes.

INFOGRAPHIC: Uncertainty around shipment visibility advantages

The below infographic highlights some of the findings from a study between Tive and Supply Chain Dive from a report titled "Collaboration Is the Future of In-Transit Supply Chain Visibility." Click the button below or the infographic to request a copy of the full report.


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