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Tive Team
Tive Team

Of all the benefits supply chain visibility affords, greater control is undoubtedly one of the most important. VPs of logistics, transportation directors, and warehouse managers often feel they are operating in the dark once a package leaves a warehouse. With many unseen, moving pieces in supply chains, professionals need to know shipments are proceeding with an adequate degree of precision. Thanks to the integration of world-class trackers with state-of-the-art software, stakeholders at any level of the supply chain always experience a real-time single view of truth into shipment status.

This is a solution that makes an impact where it matters most: the bottom line. For instance, a real-time alert from an in-flight tracker saved a pharma shipment worth half a million dollars. Another example: During the Covid pandemic, a fine-art shipping company started using trackers to accompany high-end pieces of artwork rather than couriers. This not only saved their client money but also protected the health and safety of the couriers.

Many things cannot be controlled in a global supply chain. Disruption is a constant threat, so it is easy to understand why supply chain professionals might be losing sleep. Supply chain visibility made possible by trackers, software, and 24/7 global support can provide them with greater control and peace of mind.

Here Is What Supply Chain Visibility Means

Supply chain visibility solutions collect and provide the real-time location and status of shipments. Shippers and logistics service providers will know the exact location of their shipments, whether transported by truck, plane, train, or ocean vessel. They also can monitor temperature, humidity, shock events, and more.

Why the Constant Craving for Real-Time Data?

Nobody in supply chain management likes surprises. They want to know in advance when a shipment might breach a service level agreement. They want to know when environmental conditions threaten to compromise or even ruin an in-transit shipment. The best way to mitigate disruption is to get ahead of it or respond with an informed decision when impacts occur. Real-time insights gathered through supply chain visibility make that possible. Greater transparency also makes it easier to identify trends that will drive improvements in a lane, partner, or facility performance. Customers and consumers alike also want to know when shipments will arrive and demand a higher degree of control that comes with the ability to track a shipment from beginning to end.

Types of Trackers, Software & How They Drive Visibility

Tive is an industry-leading provider of supply chain visibility trackers that measure the location and many variables that could affect in-transit shipments. The tracker feeds real-time information to the Tive web application where customers can configure alerts to trigger when a tracker detects an issue. Here is an overview of Tive’s world-class trackers:

  • Flagship Offers an amazing one-year battery life (at a 6-hour ping rate), thanks to a configuration of innovative hardware, cutting-edge firmware, and integration of cloud computing. These multi-sensor trackers monitor the real-time location and condition of shipments.
  • Non-LithiumIn 2020, Tive Founder and CEO Krenar Komoni pledged to make all Tive trackers non-Lithium Ion by the end of the year. That means fewer restrictions on shipments, and it is better for the environment.
  • Solo 5G World's first single-use multi-sensor tracker provides real-time visibility into the location, temperature, humidity, shock, and light of your goods in transit, at the item level, from end to end.
  • Solo 2G Another single-use tracker for real-time location and temperature readings for up to 30 days. As with all single-use trackers, the 2G is perfect for last-mile deliveries when collecting and returning trackers is a challenge.
  • Beacons Report temperature and proximity at the package level to a parent tracker, which then transmits that data for the whole shipment.
  • Software This user-friendly, cloud-based platform is accessible from anywhere in the world and makes it easy to plan, track and analyze shipments. Customers can set customized alerts for anything trackable, including notifications of when a shipment starts and stops along a route.

All Tive trackers capture real-time accurate location using triangulation of GPS, WiFi and cell towers. Shock sensors indicate whether the shipment has experienced any form of damage. Temperature and humidity sensors provide insight into the surrounding environment.

Protecting Priceless Works of Art: A Tive Testimonial

Masterpiece International transports high-end artwork all over the world on behalf of its clients. Normally, a courier would accompany each shipment to monitor things first-hand. However, pandemic-related travel restrictions hampered their approach in a major way. Their search for an in-transit visibility solution brought them to Tive and its Flagship and Solo 5G trackers.

"We love Tive. We looked at others, we've used others, and we much prefer Tive," said Tina Sullivan, the vice president of fine arts for Masterpiece International. "And the disposable aspect of the trackers is really appealing - you can spend weeks trying to get devices back, and with other companies, it gets costly."

Tive: A Trusted Name in Supply Chain Visibility Solutions

Tive provides visibility solutions and 24/7 global support that put supply chain professionals in control. Superior trackers. A user-friendly interface. Collaborative partnerships and integrations with industry-leading providers such as FourKites and project44. Discover how all this helps improve on-time, in-full delivery performance and drives improved customer experiences. Schedule a demo today to learn more.


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