White Paper: How to Improve OTIF & 15 Tips for On-Time and In-Full Delivery

Tive Team
Tive Team

On time and in full (OTIF). It is arguably the most important metric in any supply chain. An OTIF delivery is the ultimate goal of any shipper, carrier, logistics provider and retailer. End customers, too. Products must arrive on time and in full. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But there is a lot that goes into achieving OTIF, which is also known as “Perfect Order Proficiency.” Our latest white paper, How to Improve OTIF: 15 Tips for On-Time and In-Full Delivery, offers a closer look at this all-important supply chain metric and the role real-time visibility plays in achieving it on a consistent basis.

It's well worth the time to take a closer look at OTIF. It is important to know the origins of this concept and how to measure this metric. Professionals throughout the supply chain need to understand how to leverage track-and-trace and other technologies. Only then will they be able to obtain the real-time data needed to drive strategic decisions — moves that make OTIF consistently attainable even amid the constant risks of disruption.

15 Tips for Improving OTIF Performance

We will also share 15 tips for improving on time in full delivery performance. Here are a few to whet your appetite:

  • Real-time updates are a huge competitive advantage: The best way to proactively prevent a late delivery while a shipment is in transit is to have access to real-time order tracking. Working with logistics providers whose technologies support real-time visibility — such as the use of Tive trackers — will provide access to critical data needed to adjust during active disruptions.
  • Know your customer’s requirements for OTIF: Some retailers demand delivery on the agreed upon date; others may allow the flexibility of a day or two late or early. Knowing the customers’ expectations will set the stage for OTIF success.
  • Harness the power of a cloud-based TMS. Shippers must have the ability to track-and-trace shipments in real time. Not only will they see a shipment’s location, but they will also have the data needed to optimize routes to ensure on time in full deliveries.


The Power to Improve OTIF

Perfect Order Proficiency is not out of reach. However, to have any realistic shot at meeting or exceeding OTIF standards on a consistent basis requires having access to real-time data from in-transit shipments. That is where Tive can help.

Download How to Improve OTIF: 15 Tips for On-Time and In-Full Delivery now.

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