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Jan 30 2018

Introducing Webhooks

Here at Tive, we recognize that data is king. Ultimately, the core value that we add to our customers is access to new sources of data, and the real-time action and analysis that those data enable.

Jul 27 2017

Getting To Know Tive’s New Shipment Workflow

Many supply chain managers spend their days tracking down shipment schedules, interfacing with logistics partners, and monitoring shipments one at a time. 

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Jun 20 2017

Location Alerts Let You Know When Goods Arrive (or Depart)

Tive offers a variety of user-configured alerts - temperature, shock, humidity - and we're excited to announce that as of today we also support location-based alerts.

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May 04 2017

Using Custom Temperature Alerts To Ensure Safe Delivery

One of the most-used features of the Tive shipment tracking solution is the ability to set configurable alerts.  

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