Tive Trackers empower Optimize Courier to Eliminate Temperature Excursions in Pharma Shipments

Tive Team
Tive Team

A new pharmaceutical client approached Optimize Courier to devise a solution to address costly losses within their supply chain. The client lost $2.5 million dollars worth of pharm the previous year when their pharma was shipped at the wrong temperature.  Pharma ships at various ranges, including ambient (+15-25C), refrigerated (+2-8C) or frozen (-20C). 

The losses happened when temperature excursions occurred in only 1% of their orders. To complicate matters, cargo insurance policies do not cover temperature excursions.  

In this customer use case study, learn how Tive implemented multi-sensor SOLO 5G devices with each pharma shipment to eliminate temperature excursions on pharma shipments yielding the following capabilities for Optimize Courier to manage pharma customers’ shipments:

  • Real-time visibility of the pharma’s temperature in every pharma shipment
  • Active notifications when a pharma shipment is at risk of incurring a temperature excursion
  • Proactive ability to ascertain the reason why the shipment deviated from the required temperature range
  • Ability to provide pharma companies confidence that pharma will not spoil or damage, showcasing how Optimize was able to save product at risk

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