Tive partners with Skyhook Wireless

Krenar Komoni
Krenar Komoni

Skyhook Wireless, a Boston based location technology company, had a vision over a decade ago: deliver a way to get hyper-accurate location data based on WiFi signals from access points where GPS is unreliable.

Steve Jobs believed in that vision and installed it in all iPhones making it the most accurate smartphone in the world. Here at Tive we believe in being the best provider of location data for in-transit shipments around the globe. Through this partnership with Skyhook we are doing just that - giving our customers (shippers, 3PLs, brokers, LSPs) the most accurate location of their shipments in the market. I met the founder of Skyhook, Ted Morgan, many years ago and never imagined one day we would be partnered with the amazing company that he founded. 

Skyhook will be used across the Open Visibility Network (OVN), assuring that loads are visible even when entering locations where traditional GPS would fail: warehouses, buildings, ports (inside containers), and many other locations.

Thank you to Craig Waggy, CEO at Skyhook for trusting us on the partnership, and to Lennon Acosta, our Sr. Director of Software here at Tive for his hard work to make this happen!

Onward - there is lot of more exciting things to come from Tive...

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