Tive & Reuters Webinar: Humanization of Supply Chain Visibility

Tive Team
Tive Team

With all the hype around the need for real-time data and end-to-end supply chain visibility in today’s competitive landscape, has the value of culture and people taken a back seat in logistics? Tive CEO Founder and CEO Krenar Komoni and experts from Walmart Canada, Cardinal Health and Penske Logistics will tackle that subject and more in an upcoming roundtable discussion. The latest in the Reuters Events Supply Chain Webinar series, titled Driving Business Value with Humanized Supply Chain Visibility, is scheduled for Noon EDT on August 31, 2021. You can REGISTER HERE.

The following experts will join Komoni for this insightful discussion:

  • Francis Lalonde, Vice President Transportation, Walmart Canada
  • Joshua J. Dolan, Vice President Logistics, Cardinal Health
  • Dave Bushee, Senior Vice President of Logistics Technology, Penske Logistics

Topics this panel will cover:

  • Visibility means different things at different companies. It is imperative to tailor supply chain visibility to your business by assessing where it will add value to your team while avoiding information overload and analysis paralysis.
  • How combining real-time visibility solutions with a collaborative team culture into your existing logistics operation will help eliminate preventable shipment delays and damage.
  • Leveraging people and supply chain visibility to move beyond single, operational siloed supply chain decision making to better understand the broader risks and impacts of events across the entire value chain.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a seat at the virtual table as this group shares insights on supply chain visibility, one of the hottest topics in logistics.


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