Webinar: Tive, project44 and Fuel Transport Talk Next-Level Visibility

Jim Waters
Jim Waters

Shipment visibility has been an important area of focus for supply chain professionals for years. Recent advances in technology have given companies access to greater transparency than ever before. However, achieving a full view of the shipping process to take visibility to the next level requires collaboration from shippers, logistics service providers, brokers and customers alike.

Enter the Open Visibility Network (OVN), which delivers 100% visibility of all shipments, including location and load conditions. OVN is a collaborative effort between Tive (a provider of shipment visibility through shipment location and condition insights such as temperature, shock, light exposure and humidity) and visibility experts from project44.

To share more about the OVN and how Tive and project44 deployed this groundbreaking program for supply chain transparency—as well as insights from Fuel Transport around how OVN is changing the game for their operations and customers—FreightWaves is partnering with Tive to host an hour-long webinar on Thursday, March 18 at 2pm ET. Join us as we hear from Tive, project44 and Fuel Transport to learn:

  • The true value of collaborative data sharing
  • How the OVN benefits the entire supply chain through 100% visibility
  • Customer benefits of the OVN
  • How Fuel Transport has been using data from Tive and project44 to increase load visibility
  • How you can take advantage of the Open Visibility Network

Featured Speakers:

  • Krenar Komoni, CEO, Founder, Tive
  • Jason Duboe, Chief Growth Officer, project44
  • Rob Piccioni, CEO, Fuel Transport

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