Tive Helps Customers Caught Up Near Suez Canal

Jim Waters
Jim Waters

Customer service is tested when things go wrong. Critical questions can be handled in real time. 

When the news broke about the catastrophic lane blockage at the Suez Canal, there was a lot to be done to remedy the situation. Or is it situations? Because there are certainly a lot of questions about the location and condition of expensive loads on ships other than the stranded Ever Given. Where is it? How is it? When will I see it again? Has it been compromised?MV Ever Given

The Suez Canal flows through Egypt, connecting the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea through the Isthmus of Suez. Roughly 30 percent of the world's shipping container volume transits through the 193 km (120 miles) Suez Canal daily. Approximately 12 percent of the total global trade of all goods travels through the man-made waterway.

So when Tive support was alerted to a shipment that was diverted from its scheduled route, it was go time! We promptly alerted our customer of the ship’s route deviation hours before any news had hit the wire. And although this created only a short window of time to respond, the shipper was in contact with the receiver to assure them that their valuable cargo was in good hands, secure and en route to an alternate port.

Inbound shipment visibility enables companies to be proactive and take actions so it can minimize disruptions to production and sales. Having a real-time picture of inbound shipments, the receiving company can collaborate with partners and carriers so they can all work together to reduce friction in the supply chain.

Tive helps logistics professionals actively manage shipments to avoid preventable delays and damage. Because every shipment matters.

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