Tive Attending Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston

Dagny Dukach
Dagny Dukach

We are excited to announce that Tive will be attending the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston, April 11th to 14th. The largest coffee event in North America, the Specialty Coffee Expo attracts more than 13,000 attendees from more than 75 countries every year. 

The Expo features hundreds of exhibitors showcasing their most innovative products and competing for the show’s Best New Product and Design Lab awards. On the Expo show floor, visitors can network with professionals from across the industry, including producers, importers, and baristas at the Cupping Exchange, meet coffee roasters from around the globe in the Roaster Village, and coffee researchers in the Scientific Poster Session. Those seeking educational experiences will find dozens of lectures and courses from the SCA’s Coffee Skills Program, covering a wide array of topics of interest to coffee professionals.

While at the Expo, Tive will be meeting with innovative leaders in the coffee space to discuss opportunities to integrate real-time tracking for high-value, extremely sensitive shipments. Today, Tive works with a number of customers in the coffee industry to provide real-time visibility into the location, temperature, and humidity of sensitive coffee shipments around the world. With always-connected multi-sensor trackers sending data directly to a cloud-based software platform, it becomes possible to identify exactly when and where temperature excursions, humidity spikes, and other potentially harmful conditions occur in transit.

The Tive team looks forward to meeting with executives in the specialty coffee industry at this premier Boston event. If you're interested in setting up a time to chat, please feel free to contact us at sales@tive.co. And if you'd like to learn more about the Expo, visit the official event website here.

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