Take a Sip of IoT: Bringing In-Transit Visibility to the Coffee Supply Chain

Joan Geoghegan
Joan Geoghegan

Over the past year, Tive has worked closely with coffee importers to help ensure the quality of their beans while in-transit from South America, Africa, or even the South Pacific. In the process, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to get coffee beans from the farm to the roaster.

You can read Tive’s column on the challenges facing coffee importers in the summer issue of Coffee Talk magazine: Bringing In-Transit Visibility to the Coffee Supply Chain 

As it happens, coffee shipments are ideal candidates for Tive’s in-transit supply chain tracking solution. Coffee beans are particularly susceptible to temperature or humidity excursions due to incorrectly set refrigerated containers, adverse environmental conditions, or unexpected delays, which can result in lowered quality scores and disappointed customers.

In this Coffee Talk feature, Tive explains how IoT tools and data-driven supply chain optimization strategies are helping coffee companies to identify and eliminate in-transit damages, deliver a superior customer experience, and improve visibility from end to end.

Among the advantages to be won from an IoT-driven coffee supply chain are:

Avoiding Temperature Excursions – Sensors can quickly detect a rise or fall in container temperature that could drive up humidity and spoil beans and allow for a correction before any beans are lost.  

Preventing Delays – A shipment that is stuck in customs or at the dock can be tracked, identified and moved before beans are damaged.

Data-Driven Decisions – A comprehensive data set enables supply chain optimization on a macro-level, which empowers executive decisions based on quantitative facts instead of hunches. As a result, the coffee shipper achieves a more efficient supply chain, with fewer issues, less waste, and a smoother experience overall.

Top-Notch Customer Experience – With IoT tools, shippers can keep their customers up to date on a shipment’s whereabouts and deliver it on time, in prime condition.  

You can read the entire article on page 10 of the current issue of Coffee Talk. To find out if Tive is right for your high-value, environmentally vulnerable shipments, request a trial today.

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