Op-Ed: Shining Light on Supply Chain Visibility Gaps

Dagny Dukach
Dagny Dukach

The modern supply chain is complex, global, multi-modal, and full of visibility gaps. What can companies do to overcome these challenges, and shine light on the visibility gaps in their supply chains? 

In his recent Journal of Commerce op-ed, Tive Co-Founder and CRO Rob Stevens discusses common supply chain pitfalls and shares his perspective on how real-time visibility solutions can help.

The op-ed touches on visibility gaps such as temperature excursions en route, delays in port, and last-mile damages. It goes on to explain how advances in batteries, sensing technologies, and network infrastructure are enabling a new kind of real-time tracking, making it possible for companies to gain new levels of visibility into their supply chains from end to end.

To learn more, read the full article in Journal of Commerce (registration required).

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