RFS Systems Tracks High-End Electronics Shipments With Tive

Joan Geoghegan
Joan Geoghegan

Because Tive is the leading provider of in-transit supply chain tracking solutions, we like to talk about how the Tive sensor and software solution gives companies real-time access to comprehensive in-transit data throughout their supply chain. But sometimes is much better to hear our customers do the talking for us. 

Companies, such as Germany’s Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) deploy Tive to help them reduce damages, avoid late shipments, and discover insights into the operational mechanics of their supply chains. RFS ships high-end telecommunications equipment to customers around the world. It’s important for them to know where a shipment is at all times so that their customers can coordinate complex and costly implementations at the final delivery site.

A recent article in Inbound Logistics magazine zeros in on how RFS has benefited from its Tive deployment. You can read Getting Shipments on the Right Track and see for yourself just how RFS is using Tive to:

  • Track-and-Trace – Identify where loads are and what condition they are in.
  • Accuracy – Determine temperature, roughness, and even the identity of parties who may have damaged a shipment.
  • Alerts – Allow RFS to notify customers if a shipment is delayed and to inform them of an estimated delivery down to the day and hour.
  • Differentiator – Tive transforms RFS into a premium supplier, which provides higher value and makes it easier to do business in a competitive market.

At Tive, we can explain how our technology works and what its benefits are. But we’d just as soon you heard this information from the people who are actually using Tive.  Take a look at the full article in Inbound Logistics magazine. And to learn more about how Tive can help you protect your supply chain shipments, request a trial today.

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