Op Ed: New IoT Tools Enable Greater Visibility Into Complex Supply Chains

Dagny Dukach
Dagny Dukach

Shipping high-value goods is risky business. Supply chains are complex, and getting more complex by the day. More complexity means more surprises, and most supply chain managers don’t like surprises. In a recent Inbound Logistics op-ed, Tive Co-Founder and CRO Rob Stevens shares his perspective on the new tools and technologies making supply chain visibility possible.

In addition to providing an overview of the growing market need for visibility into complex, global supply chains and the current state of IoT supply chain tools, Rob goes on to share his predictions for the future of the industry. He emphasizes that visibility into what’s going on with an individual shipment is only the first step along the path to a fully IoT-integrated supply chain, which will incorporate both comprehensive supply chain analysis and predictive analytics. These tools will enable supply chain managers to optimize their systems, reducing costs and increasing efficiency from end to end.

For more details on the new tools inspiring this vision for an integrated supply chain visibility solution, read the full article here. And for more information about how Tive can help you get visibility into your supply chain, request a demo today.

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