Tive Announces The Open Visibility Network, Starting With project44

Jim Waters
Jim Waters

Industry’s First Comprehensive Visibility Partner Program Enhances Customer Experience at KODIS.

Tive, a leader in supply chain visibility that helps logistics professionals actively manage in-transit shipments, and project44, the global leader in supply chain visibility for shippers and logistics service providers, today announced the launch of the industry's first collaborative supply chain visibility partner program — the Open Visibility Network.

The Open Visibility Network partner program is the first step in connecting shippers, logistics service providers (LSPs), brokers, and customers through collaborative data sharing. The Open Visibility Network adds in-transit visibility beyond what's available today.

Supply chain visibility providers have traditionally worked independently, with limited data sets from their own customers. The collaboration between project44 and Tive's open platform enables the collection and sharing of critical shipment data across platforms. Providers and customers will collaborate with instant access to data from a network of leading supply chain visibility providers.

"We see a logistics world where collaboration between shippers, LSPs, and customers will be the norm," said Krenar Komoni, Founder and CEO of Tive. "There are amazing visibility platforms and TMS solutions out there that meet many customers' needs, and now is the time to start an open, collaborative platform so every customer can get the visibility that they deserve."

For example, project44 and KODIS work together — combining data and insights from KODIS’s Transportation Management System (TMS) with project44 telematic data. Leveraging the Open Visibility Network, KODIS users gain unprecedented in-transit visibility by adding data from shipment trackers at the load level that are not specific to carriers.

"Our aim at project44 is to create a new level of trust and predictability in transportation and logistics, and we can’t do that alone. This collaboration with Tive will bring a new level of customer service to shipping," said Jett McCandless, Founder and CEO at project44. "The partner program exponentially increases the mutual flow of data to our cloud-based platforms, right out of the gate, and there’s room to expand with new partners. We are unlocking the value of supply chain collaboration in an entirely new and exciting way."

"KODIS understands that valuable relationships are built on quality experiences for the customer, carrier, warehouse, and consignee," said Michael Kokal, President, KODIS. "Working with project44 and Tive has made onboarding easy for us, and it has ensured that each stakeholder receives the best insights, that realistic expectations are provided, and that we deliver, every time."

Join the Open Visibility Network today! Contact us now. sales@tive.co 

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