Craig Fuller Sits Down with CEO Krenar Komoni

Jim Waters
Jim Waters

Craig Fuller from FreightWaves welcomes Krenar Komoni, CEO and Founder at Tive for a discussion about the challenges (and solutions) ahead in 2021. Highlight: the Tive Open Visibility Network (OVN) and how collaboration among the leading in-transit visibility providers - starting with FourKites and project44 - will help shape global supply chains in 2021 and beyond.

Tive is looking forward to onboarding more partners to the OVN in the coming weeks. And mutual customers of Tive and project44 or FourKites can take advantage of expanded visibility data right in their current TMS or visibility platforms.

Contact Tive sales here to see how adding collaborative OVN data will benefit your customers! Or email and we'll walk you through the benefits of OVN!

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