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Before joining Tive as CRO and Co-Founder, Rob spent almost twenty years working in sales, marketing and business development for high-tech startups including FreeMarkets, Kiva Systems, Backupify and GrabCAD. Rob holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.

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Mar 13 2018

How To Approach Security for Supply Chain IoT

IoT applications are moving from science fiction to reality, and with that transition comes questions around security.

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Jan 02 2018

Get Your Supply Chain "In Control" With IoT

If you’re in or around manufacturing, you’ve likely heard of “statistical process control” or “control charts”. Statistical process control (SPC) is the idea of monitoring a process and using data about past behavior to predict when things have changed.

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Nov 14 2017

Introducing "Lost Connection" Alerts

One of the fun things about being a startup in a rapidly-changing space is that things are always...changing. As we work with more and more customers we learn about new needs, and often come up with new ways to address them. 

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Nov 06 2017

Takeaways From IoT Roundtable Discussion

Last week I had the opportunity to be a facilitator at the Underscore VC Core Summit. If you don't know them, Underscore is a relatively new VC here in Bostondoing a great job of bringing people together around common interests. 

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Oct 04 2017

CSCMP Edge - One Foot in the Present, One Foot in the Future

The Tive team attended the CSCMP Edge event last week in Atlanta for the first time. It was a great chance for us to catch up with current and prospective customers, as well as an opportunity to get a sense of what people in supply chain are talking about.

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Sep 12 2017

Take Our Test To Find Out If Loggers Are Enough For Your Cold Chain

If you're involved in managing a cold chain operation, you're likely very familiar with temperature loggers - those little disposable gadgets that go in the box and record the temperature of the shipment throughout the trip. 
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Aug 14 2017

Move Over RFID: Real ‘Supply Chain Visibility’ is Here

In the annals of predictions that don’t come true, TV meteorologists hold the top spot, followed by political pollsters and the cover of Sports Illustrated. 

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Jul 27 2017

‘Lean’ Isn’t Enough: 3 Steps to a Smart Supply Chain

"We must not seek to optimize every resource in the system. A system of local optimums is not an optimum system at all." 

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Jul 17 2017

Beyond Visibility: How to Build a Supply Chain That Thinks

It's no surprise that tech is changing supply chain, but it is a bit surprising how far apart the worlds of tech and supply chain can be.  

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