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Supply Chain Visibility Solved via Trackers, Software & Service

Of all the benefits supply chain visibility affords, greater control is undoubtedly one of the most important. VPs of logistics, transportation directors, and warehouse managers often feel they are operating in the dark once a package leaves a warehouse. With many unseen, moving pieces in supply chains, professionals need to know shipments are proceeding with an adequate degree of precision. Thanks to the integration of world-class trackers with state-of-the-art software, stakeholders at any level of the supply chain always experience a real-time single view of truth into shipment status.

Jul 21 2021

Is Real-Time Supply Chain Tracking of Shipments Possible?

When it comes to running an efficient global supply chain, hope is not a strategy and ignorance is not a defense. Hoping shipments arrive on time, in full and unscathed is simply not enough. Nor is answering “I don’t know” when an angry shipper or customer asks for a status update on an already-late delivery. Thanks to real-time supply chain tracking, no one is left in the dark anymore. Now, exceptions can be addressed and communicated to stakeholders as they happen. And there is never a doubt as to the location and condition of an in-transit shipment. This provides peace of mind that is often elusive in a world where chaos reigns. The next disruption is always right around the corner.  

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Jul 17 2021

Tive, project44 Ready for NASCAR debut Sunday

When the green flag drops to start Sunday’s NASCAR Series race in New Hampshire, location tracking company Tive and real-time visibility insight provider project44 will be well represented. The Open Visibility Network (OVN) partners are making their NASCAR series debut as sponsors of No. 15 car driven by James Davison, who will start from the 19th row.

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Jul 15 2021

How to Improve Supply Chain Visibility with Single-Use or Disposable GPS Trackers

It is an undeniable fact: Consumers today not only expect fast delivery times… they demand them. And they want to have the ability to see where their parcel is at any given moment. Therefore, the topic of how to improve supply chain visibility is top of mind among freight forwarders, third-party logistics service providers (3PLs), and shippers. The continuing evolution of GPS tracking solutions is helping to ensure consistent and timely delivery of shipments, while also providing the end-to-end visibility all stakeholders need to gain unparalleled business insights and a competitive advantage.

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Jul 14 2021

Masterpiece International Curates In-Transit Visibility for Fine Art Clients with Tive

In search of a way to have visibility into shipments without a courier during this unprecedented time, Masterpiece began exploring in-transit visibility solutions. With the availability of high-tech solutions capable of providing hyper-accurate location and condition insights in real-time, the company saw an opportunity to keep high-value art moving without human accompaniment and continue to meet client expectations. 

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Jul 13 2021

Open Visibility Network delivers next-generation collaboration for shippers and logistics service providers

BOSTON, MA -- July 13, 2021 -- The Open Visibility Network takes global supply chain visibility to a new level. Leading real time visibility and insight providers Tive, project44, Fourkites, Everstream Analytics, TransVoyant and MarineTraffic have joined together to start the industry’s first network of shipping insight data sharing across multiple platforms. As the network continues to onboard new users it seeks cutting-edge data and insight providers to join this explosive collaboration network.

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Jul 08 2021

Transportation Visibility: The Types of, What it Is, and How it Works

The demand for real-time cargo tracking has never been greater. In fact, 70% of customers expect to have the ability to track shipments and receive real-time updates, according to project44. Transportation visibility providers are expanding their efforts exponentially to meet this demand. Tracking sensors collect trillions of data points related to cargo shipments every day. That level of insight, shared with stakeholders at all levels across a wide variety of industries, drives informed decision-making that helps mitigate risk and enhance the end customer satisfaction.

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Jul 07 2021

MarineTraffic joins visibility platform leaders in the Open Visibility Network — adds real-time ship movement and ports information

BOSTON and ATHENS, Greece, July 7, 2021 -- Leading in-transit visibility provider Tive and MarineTraffic, a leading provider of ship tracking information and maritime data analytics announced a partnership to provide the Open Visibility Network (OVN) with the power of Global vessel movements. By integrating data and insights beyond shipment location and condition, the new partnership will provide mutual customers with insights that increase end-customer experience. 

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Jul 06 2021

Tive Trackers empower Optimize Courier to Eliminate Temperature Excursions in Pharma Shipments

A new pharmaceutical client approached Optimize Courier to devise a solution to address costly losses within their supply chain. The client lost $2.5 million dollars worth of pharm the previous year when their pharma was shipped at the wrong temperature.  Pharma ships at various ranges, including ambient (+15-25C), refrigerated (+2-8C) or frozen (-20C). 

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Jun 30 2021

Improving Global Supply Chain Visibility through the Open Visibility Network (OVN)

The push for end-to-end global supply chain visibility has been steadily building for much of the past decade. However, the velocity of the movement to create visibility platforms has reached warp speed in recent years. Skyrocketing consumer demands, fueled by The Amazon Effect and the meteoric rise of e-commerce in general, are pressuring all facets of global supply chains to become more predictive and proactive, operate more efficiently, and deliver at the speed of technology.

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